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Scarlet Hue--FFIX yaoi drabble

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Meh, it's PWP fic time... Huzzah [Sep. 2nd, 2006|04:08 pm]
Scarlet Hue--FFIX yaoi drabble


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>3~ Nyah, I thought this should be my first post here... Enjoy, and don't think I'm weird. Review if you read!

Title: Butterfly
Author: Shinya aka yaoilemonpunk
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Final Fantasy 9
Pairing: ??/Zidane
Warnings: Yaoi, solo/masturbation, and cursing

Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy 9 or any of the characters represented in here. However, I shall use them for my own amusement and will not falter in defense for them. Guess what Squaresoft? If you want to make an issue out of it, fine, put your dukes up. Cause I swing hard and fast, and Kuja WILL be mine, bitch.

A/N: This is a naughty little fiction I thought up randomly during when I should have been doing my AP European homework… Alas, this is the product of this. I figured it had been ages since I last wrote a FF9 work (last job - 02'-03'). I shall warn those of you choosing to read this, this is a work of yaoi fanfiction… Do not like yaoi? Do not even know what yaoi is? Yaoi is two boys being together…kissing, licking, hugging, and frankly, fucking in works of art or writing. So, if you do not like it, stop now.

WARNING![s] - Yaoi, lemon, solo, anal, heavy incest, voyeur (maybe), and bashing (everyone is being hit). HEY! I am seriously warning everyone here right now… Besides basic masturbation in this story, our little tailed boy takes it a step further…I do not want to hear "HOLY CRAP! WTF?!! That is so freakin' weird!!!" Got it? If you do, I punt you in your smelly head… I will, believe me.

Let us just get right into now, shall we? I will skip the formalities

By Shinya (yaoilemonpunk - livejournal.com)

Zidane swished his fluffy tail back and forth on the dusty floor of the great entrance way to Alexandria castle. He had gone to see Dagger of recent, just busying her with random bits and pieces of information about Tantalus and so on. It had not been so long since the group came back from the Iifa tree near Eiko's home, the princess all ready to claim the throne that her 'mother' had tragically left behind. He noticed that she had grown strong since their encounter with Kuja after the disaster that befell her kingdom, how she matured into even more of a woman than he expected of her. Now filled with responsibilities and others royal matters, Queen Garnet (Dagger) had no true time to mingle with her old companions, let alone who she considered to be the love of her life.

He was okay with this. Just, not all the time.

Now, he huffed, ruffling up his own shaggy blonde hair, watching with pale blue eyes are female knights dashed past him to escape the desperate Knights of Pluto. This was all too much of a common occurrence. The young thief shrugged his shoulders and crack his lower back, figuring it time best to leave and head over to Ruby's theater for some TLC (and not from Ruby, blah, like a sister).

"Hey Zidane!" A small voice squawked from behind him. Smiling happily, Zidane turned to see a child's' annoyed face glaring at him.

"What's up Eiko?" He already knew why she looked at him the way she did. Zidane, stupidly enough, agreed to go out with the young summoner, just as a sort of way to humor her. However, in the discussion with Dagger and the questions he laid upon Beatrix about a next meeting, he had forgotten about the purple haired girl… To her obvious annoyance.

She placed her hands on her yet to form hips, "You know what's up! You forgot about our date, you knuckle-head!" Zidane smiled sheepishly as someone less than half his height scolded him. He allowed her to continue her rant for an another few moments, nodding his agreement about how stupid he truly was, until she brushed up against a tender subject.

"And what's up with you and Kuja?!"

"Eiko, you know…" Zidane's smiled died quickly. Back at the Iifa tree, he had risked virtually everything when he ran back for his so-called brother, knowing that now sliver haired man was the only family he had left in the world… The only one left to make sure he was not alone, his proof of being. When he had arrived, Kuja was badly injured; blood caked on what one might consider once beautiful lips and cheeks… His eyes lidded with a dirty haze like a blinded animal, while patches of hair were burnt and matted. Clothes in tattered, ribbons laid against his limp body on a stable branch of what was left of the Iifa tree. He remembered, the soft smile that graced those pale lips when he was seen, it made him want to cry; to say he forgave him, why ever that would happen, he would never know. Yet whatever ever compelled Zidane to use his own body for Kuja's protection he never questioned it.

"Oh! Sorry Zidane, sensitive subject…" She shut her mouth, for once. The purple haired young one never understood why Zidane felt suddenly sympathetic towards the madman… He destroyed the four great nations on the mist continent, killed Dagger's mother, abused the black mages, ruined Terra, and bludgeoned their group while he was at it. The list went on and on, there was no end to what terror that man had committed. Yet, even though he deserved to die… Zidane still…

The blonde boy shrugged it off with a smile and flick of his tail. "Don't worry about it… Listen, I'm going home to tend to something, okay?" Eiko nodded and trotted off back into the castle, leaving a yawning Zidane on the edge of the water.

"Meh… I can forget about stopping at Ruby's Theater… Dali's a long ways from here."


Why he did this, he will never know. Come to think of it, he does not know a lot, does he? Zidane Tribal shacked up in Dali for some odd reason. Maybe it was because it was so calm and peaceful after the production of the black mages stopped, that the farming life was so much easier. Not that he farmed mind you. Tantalus was sending him money from their jobs or the theater business, occasionally letters from Blank reading about how everyone missed him and such. He came to visit often, just apparently not as often as all of them would like.

The blonde lay back on his head, the pillow soft but still lumpy. He would fix that. The ceiling tiles seemed much more interesting than staying around Alexandria castle for a few more days, as he stared at them thinking of all the things he was not doing. He wasn't bothering Dagger about lightening up. He was not trying to weasel out of a fight with Armarant or skipping out on a date with Eiko. Wasn't being chased by Rusty or being yelled at by Ruby… Fuck, he avoided all the unpleasantness just by going home. Yet, he was not playing a nice card game with a still green Vivi, or helping Freya find her lost love, again. He was not being a friend to Blank, who in his letters, seemed so desperately to need him back home (probably so some of the heat from Ruby would be taken off him). Ups and downs, good and bad; he had to take them all and live it with.

He let his thoughts wander back and forth always knowing were they would end up, not liking it one bit. He let his eyes close as he wormed his way into the soft bedsheets, slowly stripping himself of his clothes, tossing them haphazardly onto the floor. The tie from his hair slipped down onto the white sheets, becoming a normal blue ribbon, and allowing gold spun hair to cascade down petite shoulders. He was beautiful in an innocent way. Smaller, and younger looking in beauty than his counterpart, his skin was tan contrast to pale, eyes a vibrant blue against ice. The boy recalled standing near his other half, noting the height difference, at least a head, and a half… They both had curved bodies in comparison to most men. Zidane left out a small chortle as he recalled the simple time he laid with Dagger, how she commented on him being a woman with a flat chest… At least that was until he shucked off his pants and that statement flew away… However, none of that right now.

His tail thumped under the sheets, legs rubbing against each other to revel in the nakedness. He enjoyed touching his own body, not in a dirty jerk off way, but in a sensual light touch. Zidane liked the feel of his shoulders, soft and smooth, tenderly angled as they arched into his oh so sensitive neck and collarbone. The blonde ran a hand over his collarbone, feeling the protruding bone with intense fascination before allowing his hand to slip against in shoulder in an awkward motion then fall to his side.

The other hand made similar trek, but this time gently fingertip touches danced their way up a sunkissed neck, to his face. Zidane never understood it, why it felt so interesting, so amazing, and so entirely erotic for him to feel the cheekbones on his face, the curve of his jaw, his temples, and the curved bone over his eyes… It was strong and molded perfectly. He moved his hand over his closed eyes, down past a cute nose to trail in a circular motion around a high cheek bone, leaving sparks in it's wake… To supple, plump lips he moved his fingers over, pressing against the bottom lip as pearl white teeth gnawed at it helplessly.

He sighed happily as his head turned to profile on the pillow, his hand now resting on the jutting muscle in his neck, while another caressed the taut skin over his hips. It took a long time, for him to intimately touch himself; he liked to draw it out… Like he was making love to himself, a tender and exploring lover he imagined, one who hadn't seen his body before, that's who he was. Zidane dropped both on his hands onto his abdomen, in taking breath before running blunt fingernails across in an upward motion on his chest. Each digit digging into his ribs as he passed, dragging until they reached right below his nipples.

He arched his back into the touch, pushing his hands back down to his hips, his tail flickering out to wrap around his thigh. Letting himself settle back onto the bedspread, his hands played with his inner thighs, teasingly moving up and down closer, and closer to flesh that desired to be stroked and petted.

Zidane shook his head, causing his hair to fall from his eyes while he chose to give into temptation and not starve himself; he did not have that much energy to spare. Carefully, he wrapped a hand around the base of his partially erect organ, giving it a tight squeeze while another did small butterfly touches on the bulbous head making him mewl softly into the pillow.

With a slow pace, the tailed boy began to move his hand up his member, gaining speed as he went. His grip tight at the tip and loose and ghosting at the base. His free had traveled upward, leisurely making circles on his chest, occasionally slipping over a pert nipple… His fingers only to pinch at it. As both hands moved to their own pleasure seeking ways, Zidane panting like a bitch in heat, his tail un-corded itself from his thigh, thumping on his hips.

The hand that was drawing small circles on his pectorals traced past a jerking hand, towards his entrance, his breath hitching as one finger probed it. Biting his lower lips, he pressed a singular digit inside, waiting to adjust to the feeling he had almost forgotten before pressing a second inside. His other hand pumped himself faster, his thumb delving into the slit at the head, causing small trails of precum to drip down the side of his engorged cock.

The fingers inside him pumped furiously in and out trying to reach that one perfect spot, while his head thrashed back and forth, plastering golden hair to a perspiring forehead. "It's… not e-enough…" He moaned aloud to himself, trying to think of a way to give himself ample pleasure without truly anything at his disposal. His fingers were too short, and masturbation was not the same effect with a full-blown orgasm that he got from having a thick cock rammed inside of him.

His tail swiped him in the face.

"Arg…" He snorted at the appendage that he could barely control, pausing for a few moments his movement, to consider what just happened. "Fucking tail…? My tail…?" The blonde blinked as the fluffy, wiry muscle thumped on the bed, seemingly urging him to continue his earlier ministrations.

Zidane, in a fever, grabbed at his tail, leaving his jutting erection without warmth. He did not care if someone walked in on this, he really did not. The two fingers stretched the inside of him, making him groan as he brought his tail around to his entrance. He had no lube, but he figured it would not be too painful… It was not as big as the men he laid with regarding girth, but who the hell cared. His fingers pulled at his entrance as he guided his twitching tail to press against the stiff muscle, he just prayed he could control it while it was inside of him.

His legs were spread, hips angled as that annoying tail pushed inside of him, giving him the fullness he needed without the harsh pain of being torn and stretched. Zidane moaned as he willed himself to pump the muscle inside him, controlling it to thrust deeper and faster questing for that one spot.

His hand moved back to his cock, his hips thrusting into his hand at the immense pleasure he created, while the other nudged its' fingers, two, into the blonde' s mouth. His tongue lapped at them, suckling and biting gently, while his lower half just did as it pleased.

Zidane's head snapped back as his tail bumped that hot spot inside him, jerking him quicker to the edge than he originally thought as it continually rammed against it. His throat vibrated with his moans as his cock erupted with spilling copious arcs of come onto his stomach, chest, and some onto his face… His body still pulsing with aftershocks while delicate eyelashes fluttered like butterfly wings.

As his tail slipped from his inner body, his hands nestling at his sides… He recalled the name he cried out in pleasure, smiling at the memory, hazy eyed… It wasn't as good as the original, but it was still something, it was still able from the simple thought of…

"Kuja…" Zidane sighed, satiated before falling comfortably into slumber… He would wash his tail when he got up.


"…" A serpent smile leaked across a pale visage. "So you still think of me? And in such an interesting way… I do say, I am proud that mark I left on you never faded, my butterfly[1]."


A/N: … *runs* I DON'T WANNA DIE! … So, yes, this was thought up a few months ago when I re-played ALL my Final Fantasy's ( 1 & 2 , 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10-2) and… I thought: You know, that tail could be USED for SOMETHING… *grins evilly*. Oh well, READ AND REVIEW!!! GOSH… I love reviews, however flames will be used to keep my house warm during the winter by being good firewood. Please tell me what you think… x_x I am just bored, that's all…


Shinya (yaoilemonpunk)

[1] Butterfly - I decided since a weapon that Zidane uses is called 'Butterfly' that would be a suitable pet name for him. Also because Dagger/Garnet owns 'Canary' … >> Shut up, I am original.